Natural food animal remedies

with Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ ITEC

For years now I have been developing the use of natural plant ingredients in macerated oils and tasty pet treats as part of my professional animal healing practice.  I have found that nature truly provides everything required to aid physical and emotional health, and I have nurtured and developed my recipes based on countless hours of observation and work with animals of all species.

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The variety of animals who have taught me invaluable lessons through their response to these herb infused oils have included dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, lizards, snakes, wild cats and chimpanzees, to name a few. AnimalChoices® herb infused oils are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. If you are in any doubt about the welfare of your animal(s) a vet must be your first port of call. We work very closely with the veterinary fraternity to offer you and your trusted animal companion a complementary service.