About Elizabeth

The use of culinary herbs and other base substances is very near and dear to my heart. Within these pages is a wealth of information from my heart and my kitchen. I have such a passion for plants, flowers and herbs I also like to include them in tasty, nutritional homemade recipes I make for myself, my dogs Lily, Claude and Frankie, my horses Betty, Dancer and Iris and Oliver our cat.  Pets are living longer and like us need to have a balanced diet and lifestyle. My vision has always been to create a harmonious relationship between people, animals and plants living together as organically as possible and honouring the natural cycles and laws of life.

I have developed the range of AnimalChoices® infused oils, which are organically grown and certified to an exacting standard, with full traceability ensuring the purity of the substances used and to my own recipe which is tried and tested.  As with any natural product, many factors can affect the quality of oils sometimes creating an inferior or substandard macerate. Oils from an unproven or economical source may impede the self-selection process and the animal will not get all of the nutrients they need.  I know through years of experience how animals respond to self-selection and their reactions to it.

Herbs and plant extracts have been used for their healing, and culinary properties for thousands of years.  As far back as the Egyptians, Romans and the peoples of the Far East have been using herbs in cooking and maintaining good health. In fact my daily mantra is “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” one of the most famous maxim’s by the founding father of natural medicine Greek physician Hippocrates.

In this day and age there are numerous major health concerns manifesting as food sensitivities and allergies. There are many hidden substances in foods such as additives, colour, GM and preservatives that we are unaware of, and can be very harmful to our beloved pets. Animals eating cheap processed foods can develop eczema, constipation, diarrhoea, wind, lethargy, kidney and immune problems to name but a few.  Environmental and topical allergens are equally important to test.