CALENDULA/ MARIGOLD Calendula officinalis infused in sunflower oil. Calendula is packed full of Vitamin A which is useful to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. Nutritious and nourishing it is rich in sulphur and has excellent blood-cleansing and anti-fungal actions.

PARTS USED: Petals and flower heads.

Actions: Nutritive, helps with skin condition in dogs and cats with a poor coat and dull eyes, increases lymph circulation, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, liver stimulant.

AnimalChoices® Calendula infused oil only uses English marigolds Calendula officinalis. Please note the French marigold Tagetes patula is a species of the daisy family Asteraceae and does not contain the properties of Calendula.

All the active properties are suspended within the infusion capturing the vitality of the herb in the medium of sunflower oil.

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