MINT Mentha piperita infused in sunflower oil.

Fresh, mentally cleansing and helps elevate boredom.  I find a fresh mint tea is very refreshing yet calming at the same time. It has a dual purpose: mentally helping to gain clarity and focus and at the same time calming the stomach. I love working with all the different species of mint especially when working abroad. Recently I was working at the Jane Goodall chimpaneze institute in South Africa and I was heartened to find wild mint, which I made into a macerated oil. Some of the chimps I was priveleged to work with self selected mint oil.

I love to cook with the mint infused oil: especially drizzled over new potatoes and added to salads.

Parts used: Aerial parts: leaves

Actions: Nutritive: digestive system

All the active properties are suspended within the infusion capturing the vitality of the herb in the medium of sunflower oil.

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