NETTLE Urtica dioica infused in sunflower oil.

Nettle contains a multitude of trace minerals and vitamins: Vitamins A,C, D & B, Iron, sodium, chlorophyll, protein and dietary fibre. Nettles stimulate the circulation and is an excellent blood tonic. In Russia and the Ukraine wilted nettles are a staple fodder crop for horses and cows. My horses love to munch on wilted, almost dried nettles that I harvest from the fields. Lily and Morris not only love the macerated nettle oil they also love my homemade recipe for nettle biscuits.

I cook nettles in a little butter and add them to omelettes. I make pesto sauce from the leaves and add to pasta. Nettles are also a delicious side dish to accompany a main course.

 Parts used: Aerial parts: leaves

Actions: Nutritive: digestive system, urinary tract, skin

All the active properties are suspended within the infusion capturing the vitality of the herb in the medium of sunflower oil.

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