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You Can Heal Your Pet book Amazon number one best seller written by international animal complementary therapist Elizabeth Whiter and leading vet Dr Rohini Sathish. Drawing on their vast knowledge and experience in their respective animal clinics this book offers the reader a comprehensive guide into holistic and conventional health for cats and dogs.

Animal Whispers CD has been a huge hit with cats and dogs worldwide. Animals love to relax and chill out to the ambient music especially created by Elizabeth Whiter and Tim Wheater; internationally acclaimed musician and music performer. Elizabeth and Tim spent considerable time in Elizabeth’s clinic playing an eclectic range of some twenty eight instruments to Elizabeth’s animal clients to see which ones they chilled out most to. Then into the recording studio to create this special piece of music especially for pets. Part one of the CD is thirty minutes of soothing instrumental sounds and in part two Elizabeth narrates an animal healing session using the Animal Whispers music as a wonderful backdrop. This enables the listener to use these animal healing techniques and give healing to animal loved ones at home.

A 100ml bottle of Animal Choices organic Mint macerated oil. This delicious culinary food oil is a wonderful addition to a balanced diet, packed with vital nutrients and goodness. Dried mint leaves are left to infuse in sunflower oil for a period of time then sieved off; to leave a rich and flavoursome infused oil. Mint is one of the best digestive aids available due to an ingredient called menthol which helps soothe and relax the digestive tract. Fresh, mentally clearing, it also helps to open up the airways.

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