Orangutan Sensory Enrichment Borneo

Dog Self Selection of Calendula infused Oil

Cat Self Selection of Catnip infused Oil South Africa

Elizabeth Creating Sensory Enrichment Borneo

Binturong Sensory Enrichment Borneo

Sun Bear Sensory Enrichment BSBCC Borneo

Food Enrichment Recipes in You Can Heal Your Pet

Sensory Enrichment for Small Animals

Sensory Enrichment Domestic and Captive Wild Cats

Harvesting Rugosa rosehips from the Rosa Rugosa rosebushes

Delicious Pet Recipes in You Can Heal Your Pet

Sun Bear Sensory Enrichment with Elizabeth, Dr Wong and BSBCC staff Borneo

Equine Sensory Enrichment Moorcroft Racehorse Rehab Centre

Ferret Sensory Enrichment

Sensory Enrichment with Reindeer Mongolia

Rabbit Sensory Enrichment using Culinary Herbs

Sensory Enrichment with Elephants South Africa

Animal Charities working with Elizabeth’s Sensory Enrichment programmes

Elizabeth with Dr David ACE Egypt Equine Self Selection

Food Enrichment For Wild Birds

Elizabeth Uses Sensory Enrichment For Parrots

Sensory Enrichment For Reptiles

Senior Chimpanzee Joao is self-selecting mint infused in sunflower oil

Elizabeth’s horse Betty self-selecting the Turmeric Mint Brick Enrichment

Elizabeth works with Meerkats offering sensory enrichments at sanctuaries and zoos

Food enrichment such as hidden hard boiled quail eggs for Meerkats to find, forage, dig and eat!

Capuchin male troop leader inhales the sensory enrichment first

Barbary Macaque processing the floral aroma from the cloth

Primates ingesting ginger infused honey log

Siamang Gibbon eating young fresh “Spring” leaves of a willow branch

Elizabeth Whiter is the principal of The Healing Animals Organisation, published author and teacher of sensory and food enrichment for domestic and captive wild animals. Working side by side with veterinary surgeons, scientists and animal charities she has pioneered the use of animal sensory enrichment programmes in rescue and rehabilitation in many parts of the world including South Africa, Borneo, Cyprus, Japan, Egypt, Ecuador and Sri Lanka.

Elizabeth uses natural culinary plant ingredients as part of her professional animal practice, and created AnimalChoices® herb infused oils. A delicious range of nutritious food oils for domestic pets, horses and many other species of animals. AnimalChoices® herb infused oils are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. If you are in any doubt about the welfare of your animal(s) a vet must be your first port of call. We work very closely with the veterinary fraternity to offer you and your trusted animal companion a complementary service.

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