MINT Mentha piperita infused in sunflower oil.

Mint best known as the peppermint variety, is one of the best digestive aids available and helps soothe and relax the digestive tract. Many animal and human prescription drugs contain mint because it helps with all manner of digestive complaints. It also has antispasmodic and calming qualities.

Fresh, mentally cleansing and helps elevate boredom.  I find a fresh mint tea is very refreshing yet calming at the same time. It has a dual purpose: mentally helping to gain clarity and focus and at the same time calming the stomach. I love working with all the different species of mint especially when working abroad. Recently I was working at the Jane Goodall chimpaneze institute in South Africa and I was heartened to find wild mint, which I made into an infused oil. Some of the chimps I was privileged to work with self selected mint oil.

I love to cook with the mint infused oil: especially drizzled over new potatoes and added to salads.

Mint-infused sunflower oil – this is dog and horse friendly, but cats aren’t so interested in it. It assists dogs and horses with aches and sprains, calms the stomach, is nourishing and cleansing, and opens up the airways. It is fresh, mentally clearing, helps dogs and horses keep alert yet grounded, and helps alleviate boredom.

Parts used: Aerial parts: leaves

Actions: Nutritive: digestive system

All the active properties are suspended within the infusion capturing the vitality of the herb in the medium of sunflower oil.