Student Testimonials 2012


Student Testimonials 2012

Did the course meet your expectations?

Yes it surpassed them because I will be using a lot of what I have learnt from this course as it has got me thinking a lot more about keeping as much as possible in life NATURAL – Marie

Loved the practical work outside, identifying the different herbs, harvesting and creating tasty snacks, great notes and overall a good course – Laura

Yes I feel confident and enthusiastic about using the macerated oils for animals – Tamsin vet student

Yes, explored my options into knowing more about natural foods and plant material for animals –  Vini  vet student

Loved working with the animals and observing them self select the macerated oils, fascinating – Jacqui

Yes it did, I feel confident to go away and start my assignments with animal clients. I feel it really complements the other animal husbandry skills such as healing, nutrition etc, linking nicely with the other modules we have been taught– Joanna

Yes, it fulfils the course outline, better than some other courses attended elsewhere – Juliet

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, but thoroughly enjoyed it and felt as though I learned a lot. I am positive this will aid me in my healing activities – Carole

Yes and more – I need more time to remember all the information, will be reading the notes lots – Ruth

Yes, I feel I have the confidence to add this to my practice – Bianca

Yes, I feel confident enough to go away and start making my own recipes and simple remedies for my own animals – Kauri

Definitely! I enjoyed this course a lot – Mina

Yes, enjoyed course content and a chance to re-ground after a busy few months – Rosalyn