Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials
A fantastic experience of learning – I have enjoyed everything equally.  Opportunity to learn through practice. BRILLANT! The course was very well presented and informative.  The course exceeded my expectations.  The power of plants shown and shared in Liz’s enthusiastic and passion.  – Jo

Loved it all, gave me enthusiasm about food, love of food.  Healing at RSPCA was so much better with the infused oils.  Highly energetic course with the infused oils and foods.  Learnt so much by doing.  Enthused me to go back and cook for myself and my animals.  Enjoyed the food more than I have enjoyed food for a while.  The variety of the course was excellent and I’ll be setting up a tool kit of infused oils to take along with me to all my healing visits.  – Kathy

This course was far more than I expected.  We have been taught so much more than I thought I would have been.  Learning about the herbs and infused oils and seeing how the animals responded was truly brilliant and I loved it.  – Suzanne

I loved coming down and firstly seeing Liz and meeting lots of new and interesting people.  I very much enjoyed the practical side of things.  The days were very interesting and the course very varied. – Elisabeth

I loved leaning all the information that was provided on this course in regards to the properties of plants and their uses.  Watching the animals self select and their reactions.  Foraging for plants and being able to identity them.  How to put herbs into infused oils, the practical and theory sessions, all excellent. I totally learnt more than I expected it was so interesting seeing the results of how mother nature provides for us to help the animals.  – Judith

I felt this course was just the right length with very enjoyable practical sessions, visiting the RSPCA with the infused oils.  The practical work in the kitchen was brilliant.  I very much enjoyed the herb garden and the detailed notes to take away – Janet

Coming over from Sweden I loved seeing all the different animals and how they self select the infused oils.  Going foraging, I feel inspired to go and forage at home.  I can’t wait to start making up some infused oils and biscuits etc.  I very much liked the practical work in the kitchen which was great fun and has given me a lot of new knowledge and inspiration.  – Kajsa

I very much enjoyed working with the animals at the RSPCA.  Learning about the herb properties and the tasting was fabulous – this course has inspired me given me the knowledge and confidence to use self selection with animals. – Petra

This course exceeded my expectations it was perfectly balanced with healing animals, herbs, cooking and learning.  It was most enjoyable watching the different animals self select.  Seeing, identifying and tasting the herbs and Liz’s wonderful recipes. A very good and informative course – Marion

Thank you for the course, I enjoyed the foraging, tasting of infused oils and watching the animals self select them.  This course was a great mixture of practical, hands on with some theory with nice people.  – Louise