AnimalChoices® Infused Oils

All of the AnimalChoices® herb infused oils specific to this website are nutritious food oils.  For centuries herbs have been essential to the home kitchen, providing the household with food, wine, preserves, herb infused oils and simple remedies. Herb infused oils were ideal for our ancestors as it captured the essence of the whole plant in the medium oil to preserve it for long periods of time, and maintain the precious nutritional qualities for the dark winter months ahead.

I love to create healthy, wholesome cakes and biscuits for myself and friends and I use my herb infused oils as a compliment to my recipes. I add calendula infused oil to salad dressings, seaweed infused oil in mashed potato, mint infused oil drizzled over new potatoes, garlic infused olive oil for roast potatoes.

My animals love to tuck in to my tasty homemade pet treats and self-select nutritious herb infused oils. When I have made a nettle infused oil I am left with the strained nettle leaves, rather than throwing them away they become a recycled ingredient for my nettle biscuits. The nettle leaves are rich in iron and trace minerals and taste quite delicious for us and our canine friends (I often pick fresh nettles in late spring and pan fry them in a little butter and add them to an omelette or eat them on their own like spinach)

How to offer AnimalChoices® infused oils to dogs and cats

Always allow an animal to sniff the AnimalChoices® bottle first. Unscrew the lid, holding the bottle allow your animal friend to sniff the aroma first. Give plenty of time for animals to assess the oil. Watch the animal’s body language as some may want to inhale the aroma first, others may lick or chew the top of the bottle, some may sniff and walk away to process the aromas. Place a little of the oil on a clean bare saucer or plate and place on the ground. Allow your animal friend to come forward in their own time and explore the wonderful aromas. Some will self select and lick the oil from the plate, some may continue to sniff and inhale the aromas, some may simply walk away. Never force the AnimalChoices® oil on your animal friend, or smear any oil on the nose or any part of the body. If an animal shows no interest, take the oil way. If an animal does / does not self select a little of the oil make a note of the oil. If you are offering another AnimalChoices® infused oil make sure the plate has no residue of the previous oil before you pour the next one.  Use a clean cloth to wipe clean. Do not use alcohol or other such wipes.

How do animals react to the culinary herb infused oils?

Animals will show you when they have had enough and walk away. Some may be processing the flavours and keep coming back to the oil. Always take your time, never rush the session: watching your animals, their behaviour and body language which can include: concentration as in deep thought processing the aromas, flaring of the nostrils, eyes softening, yawning, licking and chewing appearing to release tension, looking relaxed, drinking up the oils and seeking more. Simply inhaling the aroma can be the trigger point to allow healing to commence. Inhaling is just as important as ingestion as it can induce a sense of relaxation. Some animals appear to love the attention of the session, as it can develop the bonds of love and trust between guardian and themselves, sometimes animals appear focused, grounded and very PRESENT. Observations can include: Some rescue animals that appear shy and may have experienced emotional trauma, psychological and mental abuse from the past find these sessions fun, engaging and interactive.

Dosage Offer AnimalChoices® infused oil on a self selection basis only. 1 tsp on a clean plate once or twice a day, preferably not at meal times, never mix the AnimalChoices® oils with food or blend with other oils. Offer one oil at a time. Keep in the fridge in clean dry amber bottles, out of direct sunlight.

How to safely use infused oils

  • Infused oils are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. If you are in any doubt about the welfare of your animal(s) a vet must be your first port of call. We work very closely with the veterinary fraternity to offer you and your trusted animal companion a complementary service.
  • AnimalChoices® infused oils are offered on a self selection basis as a food supplement as part of a balanced diet.
  • Make sure infused oils are correctly labelled, in date and stored away in a cool place: the fridge is an ideal location.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight always make sure the lids of the bottles are screwed tightly.
  • Do not mix AnimalChoices® infused oils and always offer one bottle at a time.
  • Hold the bottle in your hand and allow your animal friend to come forward and sniff the AnimalChoices® infused oil. If they lick or chew the bottle or look interested in sampling some; pour about a small teaspoon of oil onto a clean plate and allow your animal friend to self select.
  • Do not mix into feed.
  • Do not force the oil onto your animal. If they move away or show no interest in the oil that is fine. Always be guided by your animal’s decision, it is always their choice not yours.
  • Animals may simply choose to inhale the infused oil and not take it internally. You may wish to place a little oil on the end of your finger and they can lick it off or choose to inhale.
  • Offer oils once a day preferably not at feeding times.
  • Infused oils can last up to six months.  Sometimes they can appear cloudy. This is part of the natural infusion process.
  • Please continue to offer the infused oils on a daily basis. Some days your animal friend may choose to lick the oil, other days they may wish to inhale or simply not be interested for a few days then self select the oils again as and when they need them.

All the active properties are suspended within the infusion capturing the vitality of the herb in the medium of sunflower oil.